If your kitchen has started to appear a little worse for the wear, you may be contemplating revamping its appearance. Nonetheless, remodelling your kitchen does not have to mean an entire overhaul of the space. Homeowners that are looking to engage in a cost-effective project that would be highly impactful to the appearance of their home may want to consider changing the kitchen benchtops. Replacing your kitchen benchtops may seem relatively simple, but the finished work will significantly improve the aesthetic of the room, as benchtops are a prominent feature. To make sure that you would not have to replace your benchtops again in the short term, here are some reasons why granite would be the enduring choice.

Granite is an incredibly versatile material

If you envision granite benchtops and picture a palette exclusively consisting of blacks and greys, you would be mistaken. Granite benchtops are one of the versatile options that you could choose as they come in a broad range of colour options. What some people may be unaware of is that the minerals that are incorporated into the granite are what lend the benchtops their predominant colouring.

Some of the different types of crystals that are integrated into the granite benchtops include feldspar, quartz, biotite and mica. Therefore, other than the neutral colour options, you could also gravitate toward other colour schemes such as pink, blue, green, aquamarine and so on. This comprehensive colour selection ensures that the granite benchtops will complement your current décor scheme or a totally new scheme you choose for your remodel.

Granite is an intrinsically durable material

Another advantage that granite benchtops have over the competition is that granite is inherently strong and long-lasting. Your kitchen benchtops succumb to wear since they are exposed to a significant amount of daily use. You use your countertops every day, after all. From high impact due to heavy loads being placed on them to scorching from hot pots and pans, you need to invest in a long-lasting material if you do not want to replace your countertops every few years. And who does?

Overall, granite is quite hard and exceptionally durable, especially when compared to other natural stone materials or even some composite or man-made materials. Not only can granite withstand changing temperatures and extreme impact, but also the benchtops will not be vulnerable to etching, scratching and other cosmetic issues that would inescapably lead to structural problems.