If you want to visually expand your kitchen during a renovation, you can do a number of things. You can choose a streamlined and minimal design with clean lines. Additionally, white and pastel colours will reflect light around the room, generating a sense of spaciousness. You can also take other approaches when refreshing your kitchen to make it appear bigger. Several ideas are listed below.


The splashback is one area to focus on in your quest for extra space. You could fit a mirrored splashback that reflects light and adds depth to the room, visually extending it into the distance. Another possibility is using acrylic or back-painted glass in reflective light tones. An additional benefit of these materials is that they don't have visible joins that break up the wall area. This can create visual clutter and ruin the illusion of space. Stainless steel and solid surface are other materials that can form a continuous splashback.


You can also design the cabinetry in such a way to help. The upper cabinets can give a room a heavy feel, so consider eliminating them or fitting glass doors to make them visually lighter. Another possibility is to install shelves instead. However, it's important not to skimp on storage, as that may leave you with insufficient cupboards for everything you need. This will make the kitchen less functional and more cluttered if items end up on the countertop.

You should focus on the cabinetry's efficiency to maximise the room's space. Drawers can often store more than cupboards, and pull-out pantries, door racks and other space-saving cupboard ideas can also help.

Don't forget about the cupboard handles. Even though they're small, they're important. You can choose reflective chrome or brushed nickel or opt for translucent glass or acrylic. Alternatively, use recessed grooves or handleless doors with soft-close technology for a seamless look.


Choosing the right countertop is crucial as well. Like with the other surfaces, opt for reflective, light colours. Additionally, consider materials that don't create joins, such as engineered stone or solid surface, to reduce the visual clutter in the room. Natural stone countertops, conversely, are made by joining several pieces, and the seams can be noticeable.

You can also opt for a slim, low-profile countertop with simple lines rather than a heavy slab that takes up extra room.


Consider the flooring when designing to create spaciousness during kitchen renovations. Light-coloured tiles or wide timber planks will reflect light and airiness. Bigger-sized pieces will create fewer visible seams, making the floor appear more uniform and expansive. You can also make the kitchen feel larger if you continue the flooring beyond the room to other living areas.

For more information, contact a kitchen renovations company near you.