Underpinning refers to the process of using concrete, beams, or other materials to strengthen a foundation. Underpinning techniques are used when foundations are built, but they are also used when homes are being renovated. If you're going to be renovating your home sometime soon and are wondering whether or not you're going to need to hire an underpinning contractor, consider these examples of situations when this is often needed.

You're Renovating an Older Home

First of all, if you either live in an older home or have purchased an older home that you're interested in fixing up, you should know it's possible that the home will need underpinning. This is common with older homes, so it's probably one of the first things you should check into when you're planning for your renovation.

Your Home's Foundation Wasn't Built Properly

You should not have to worry about a foundation not holding up well when you have a new home built from the ground up. However, sometimes, foundations are not built like they should be, such as if the wrong contractor worked on the project or if mistakes were made along the way. When this happens, having underpinning done to the home later is a good way to make sure that your home has the stable foundation that it needs.

You're Adding On to the Home

In your home renovation, you might not be just making improvements to the existing space in your home. You could be thinking about adding on additional rooms. If this is the case, then you might be worried that your existing foundation will not be able to handle all of the weight. This could be the case, but underpinning will help you ensure that there are no foundation issues once you make your home bigger and more spacious.

There's Been an Earthquake

In some cases, homes that have good-quality foundations can sustain damage because of an earthquake. If there's been an earthquake, you should definitely consider having your foundation inspected while you're having your home renovated. In fact, the whole reason why you might be having your home renovated could be because of earthquake-related damage, and repairing your foundation could be part of this.

As you can see, there are various times when underpinning is needed during a home renovation. If you aren't sure of whether or not you should plan on having underpinning done on your home during your renovation, you can contact an underpinning contractor. Then, they can assess your home's foundation and let you know.