When renovating or decorating your bathroom, one aspect that is often overlooked is the shower screen. Most homeowners pay attention to the walls, floors, sinks and faucets without realising that the shower space can also play an important role in the overall functionality of the bathroom.

In particular, glass shower screens are not only durable selections, but they also add a touch of class, hygiene, and uniqueness to the bathroom. If you're undecided about installing glass shower screens as part of your bathroom renovations, this article will show you why glass screens are certainly the way to go.

They are appealing to the eye

Glass shower screens are aesthetically appealing for many reasons. Their slick and smooth appearance is a natural attention getter anytime you walk into the room.

In addition, they form the perfect backdrop to the rest of the bathroom space and can accentuate other design features in the bathroom. In fact, glass is the perfect backdrop for emphasizing paint selections, flooring and wall options. They look great when juxtaposed against marble, tile, and granite.

Highly customisable for the bathroom

Glass shower screens come in various shapes and sizes. As opposed to other bathroom features that are limited in flexibility and design (such as shower curtains and flooring materials), shower screens can be customised to fit your specific taste of bathroom décor.

This is especially useful when you just renovated your shower space. Newer showerheads may fit unnaturally in the bathroom if they aren't fitted with a matching shower screen. 


Glass shower screens are highly durable options for the bathroom. They are often made of tempered glass, which further strengthens the material to make it shatterproof and resistant to scratches. In fact, glass shower screens are capable of lasting as long as the home when properly maintained.

Easy to maintain

Glass shower screens are quite easy to keep clean and in good condition. All you need to do is regularly remove water spots simply by spraying and wiping them down. And if you're using frameless shower screens, you don't have to worry about the hardware around the glass getting greasy or stained.

Give an illusion of space

Opaque shower screens typically tend to section off the bathroom and make it appear smaller. This can be even more pronounced if you already have a smaller bathroom.

Glass shower screens create an illusion of continuity and space within the bathroom, giving the area a more comfortable feel.