A kitchen splashback is more than just functional; this area of the kitchen can be very eye-catching, adding style and personality to the space. It can also help to break up the look of the cabinets or flooring, adding some brightness if needed, or bringing in a neutral element to tone down strong colours. To ensure that your kitchen space looks its best, note a few fun and unique ideas for splashbacks that you might discuss with a contractor when you're ready to make some changes in your home.

White tile intermixed with other tiles

If you love the look of bold and colourful tiles, but know that too much colour would overwhelm your kitchen space, intermix those tiles with plain white tiles. You can create any type of pattern, including one column of the bold and colourful tile and then two columns of white tile, or one white tile and then one colourful one, and so on. You can also add a long row of the colourful tile in the centre of the splashback, and this might even make the kitchen seem longer and larger. The white will tone down that bold colour will still allowing it to bring in some personality to the space.

Another choice for intermixing white tiles is to choose a tile with a fun pattern or picture on the front; for example, if you love dogs, you might find a tile with pictures of various dogs on the front. Installing these tiles alone for the splashback might be a bit busy and cluttered, so intermix these tiles with the white tiles in the same way. You might add a painted tile between two white tiles, or use the painted tiles as a border around the splashback, or install them in whatever pattern works in your kitchen space.


Creating a mosaic for a splashback is a good idea if you need something colourful and bold, and if you want to recycle and reuse old tiles. You can create a mosaic but putting old tiles under a thick cloth and then smashing them with a hammer; the broken pieces then become the tile for the mosaic. You install these broken pieces in a haphazard way, with no set pattern or design. This makes the overall appearance of the splashback very unique. However, if you don't like the look of actual broken tile pieces, use whole tiles in varying colours and styles that all complement each other, and install them in no distinct pattern. This will make the splashback unique and bold and anything but boring!