Planning to update your kitchen may initially feel like a huge project to undertake. From flooring to cabinetry and changing the overall appearance of the room, it may seem like there are endless decisions that need to be made. Without knowing where to place your emphasis, you could end up with a flopped renovation that has sucked exorbitant amounts of money from your bank account. Therefore, no matter how minor or major you want your kitchen update to be, it is critical to determine where you want to place your emphasis. This article breaks down some of the decisions that you will have to make for a successful and budget-friendly update.

Stock cabinets vs. customised cabinetry

One of the noticeable changes you can make to your kitchen that will accord you both aesthetic appeal and function is changing out your cabinets. You may be convinced to hold on to old cabinetry that is still functional, but the decrepit appearance will adversely affect the visual appeal of your kitchen. Instead, opt for new cabinets that look pristine to add visual impact into the room.

People looking to keep their renovation budget as low as possible are best advised to purchase stock cabinets. These cabinets may not be uniquely designed since they are primarily for the mass market. However, they are highly affordable and easy to install, making them a financially viable option for a majority of people.

Alternatively, if you prefer to add luxury appeal to your kitchen and have a flexible budget to match, customised cabinetry will be the premium option. Customised cabinetry also has the added advantage of facilitating the maximum utilisation of space in your kitchen, which eliminates unused areas and awkward corners. 

Isolated workstations vs. a dedicated work triangle

The next decision you need to make to guide you through your kitchen renovation is the utilisation of the workspace available to you. Since different households have varying needs, your choice of workspace or work triangle is solely up to your discretion.

If you have a spacious kitchen, a work triangle will be an excellent layout for you as it provides you seamless access to the most used areas in your kitchen, namely the cooker, the sink and the refrigerator. However, if you have limited floor space and your kitchen typically has multiple users at a time, then it is best to have isolated workspaces so that you do not get into each other's way.