Having a brand new kitchen designed and installed for you is a great chance to have things just as you want. When you move into a property, you normally have to put up with whatever is already in place, so it's a nice change to be able to set things up to your personal taste.

If your kitchen is a particularly small space, the existing design may not really take that into account. There can be numerous problems with a compact kitchen, but storage is often the worst. Getting a new kitchen designed means you can maximise storage and make the most of the limited space – just follow these tips.

Make use of space that's often ignored

In a lot of kitchens, there's plenty of space that goes unused. For owners of smaller kitchens, this space can be extremely helpful.

Add shelving or cupboards above the fridge, get hooks installed over the cooker or sink, and look at other areas where you could fit in some sort of storage solution. Even if the space seems too compact, talk to your kitchen design company. When you're having a new custom kitchen built, you can probably get purpose-built units to fit.

Get some more compact appliances

It's things like the fridge and oven that normally take up most of the available space in a kitchen. Nowadays, there are plenty of compact appliances available that perform just as well as their larger counterparts.

By switching to small appliances, you can free up significant amounts of space that can be used for storage. This can even allow you to use full-sized cupboards and drawers which wouldn't otherwise fit in your kitchen.

Extend as high as you can reach

Another aspect of kitchen design that's frequently ignored in larger rooms is the vertical wall space. You can do a lot with this underused area.

For example, you could fit in extra cupboards, shelves, or cubbyholes, or have some hooks fitted. Put things as high as you like, but make sure you can reach them easily.

As an addition, remember that you can have hanging storage on the ceiling, which gives you even more places to keep pots and pans.

Use some clever storage solutions

Making the most of a small kitchen isn't just about finding more available space. You can have folding counters installed that can be tucked neatly away when not in use, plus a range of other clever ideas.

Magnets on splashbacks and walls let you store knives and metal tools out of the way, and you can even use velcro to place items on walls. Don't be afraid to experiment, and suggest any ideas to your design team, no matter how crazy they may sound.For more information, contact a company like Bowtie Joinery.