If you're thinking of building a custom home, you probably have many different ideas racing through your head. Indeed, the design possibilities for a custom home are endless, and you probably want to explore many different options.

However, the population pressure in urban areas means that construction activities tend to be less flexible. This is not only due to the limited availability of land, but also due to zoning restrictions from the city as well as the nature of surrounding structures.

You can avoid this hassle by building your custom home on rural land. Rural areas that are not too far off from the nearest city can provide perfect flexibility for you to design the home of your dreams. Rural land can bring your home to life in the following ways. 

The cost of land is cheaper

Rural land tends to be cheaper than urban land due to the lower population pressure. In addition, rural land may be undeveloped, meaning that you will have to do more to get it prepared for construction.

You can actually use this to your advantage by designing customised processes for developing your home's floor plan and foundation, where the home will be located and the materials that will be used to construct it. And because the cost of land is cheaper, you can dedicate more resources towards spicing up your custom home.

More options when designing the home

In rural areas, there tends to be more space. Houses are further apart, and the streets are not crowded. As a result, you can implement many different design options into your home.

If you desire a more expansive floor plan, you don't have to worry about infringing on your neighbour's property. If you're considering an outdoor pool, you will also most likely have enough space to design one. Therefore, the only limitations to your creativity will be your budget and the rules of your local municipality.

Preparation is less inconveniencing

When preparing land for construction in urban areas, you often have to worry about accessibility. Can a crane or forklift access the land? Will the construction project generate too much noise? Will you need to pay costly insurance premiums for liability issues?

All these are concerns of minimal importance on rural land. The space tends to be more open, reducing the hindrance of equipment access and the risk of damage to third-party property (although ensuring that your contractor has liability insurance is still important).

Work on your own timelines

Constructing a custom home on urban land may involve tighter timelines in order to reduce the inconvenience caused to others. However, rural areas are more flexible, and you can take more time to ensure that the home has been designed exactly how you want it.

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