Okay, so you want to add some countertop space to your kitchen? If so, you might find yourself struggling to decide between a kitchen peninsula and a kitchen island. Just to get you up to speed, here's the difference:

  • A kitchen island stands apart from your current countertops and can be accessed from all sides.
  • A kitchen peninsula extends your countertop, usually turning an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen.  

That's the kitchen geography, but what you really want to know is which one to pick. There are pros and cons on both sides, but here are just a few reasons you should go with an island over a peninsula.

Keeps the Room Open

One of the best things about kitchen islands is how well they work with open plan designs. You can walk right around them, so entry to the cooking and food prep area is never restricted. In contrast, it can feel a little constricting working around a kitchen peninsula, and you'll have to walk right around it to get out of that area.

No Dead Space

Think of dead space as space that's there but isn't very easy to use. Unfortunately, kitchen peninsulas have plenty of dead space. In the corner where the peninsula meets a wall or cabinet, you'll find counter space that's quite hard to use. Look below and you'll find cupboard space that's quite hard to get to.

Take a look at a kitchen island and you'll find very little dead space; since you can access it from all sides, no section needs to go unused. In fact, you'll often see a kitchen island's countertop space nicely divided up for different tasks. For example, you can be preparing food on one side while your partner eats on the side next to you and the kids do their homework opposite.

Bolder Visual Statement

Kitchen islands offer a whole host of practical benefits, but it's hard to deny that most people like them more for the array of design options available. Where a peninsula really needs to match your current countertops and cabinets, you can use contrasting colours and different materials to make your kitchen island pop. While a peninsula needs to connect to a current worktop, a kitchen island can go anywhere you like. All in all, you have more freedom to express yourself with your kitchen design when you choose a kitchen island over a peninsula.