Cabinetry takes up a large chunk of kitchen space, so it has a significant impact on the overall aesthetics. With a vast array of colours and styles available, it can be challenging to narrow your choices. Here are some ways to inject interest and drama into your kitchen via the cupboard design.

Two-Toned Cabinetry

One way to add zest to your kitchen decor is to install two-toned cabinetry. While often, the same colour and style run across all the cupboards, breaking this habit can create a welcome change. For instance, you could install dark blue lower cabinetry and grey upper cabinets. Alternatively, continue the wall colour across the overhead cupboards to blend the two together for a more seamless transition. This then highlights the striking colour of the lower cabinets without overwhelming the space. Dark charcoal and matte black evoke a sense of richness, which you can emphasise with copper handles.

If you don't want to stick with neutrals, go with a vibrant and lively contrast for a funky look across the two storage levels. For a more subtle effect, apply two different shades of the same hue. Typically, higher cabinets fare better with the lighter tone to prevent top-heaviness.

Open Shelving

Varying colour is one way to contrast your cabinetry—another way is through different styling. Why not remove the doors altogether on some of the upper ones? To create an exciting blend, select a segment of high cupboards for open shelving while installing conventional lower versions. With open shelves, your storage items are on full display. So choose attractive bowls or mugs that add to the aesthetic. Don't overcrowd the ledges, which will produce a cluttered feeling. 

Glass Cabinetry

Another option is glass cabinetry: cupboards with a glass panel in the door. If you want to brighten up the kitchen, these doors will reflect light for a more radiant, spacious quality. You can mix designs by installing glass on the upper level only. In this way, you add contrast, leaving standard covers on the bottom cupboards. Both glass and open shelving allow you to see the wall behind, and this extends the view, giving the impression of a larger kitchen. Just make sure not to counteract the effect with clutter. Frosted glass panels are one way to obscure the opening while maintaining a light aesthetic. Custom joinery offers the best way to incorporate contrast and to personalise your cabinetry, as you will then have total design freedom. You won't have to stick with whatever is currently available. 

For more information on joinery, contact a remodelling contractor.