Remodelling your home should be an exciting endeavour. Not only are you getting the chance to upgrade the appearance of your house, but you can also make it more functional, too, depending on the changes that you make. Considering that tiles are a construction supply, some people tend to take them for granted. Thus, this material is usually relegated to be used as flooring, yet these supplies are highly versatile and can be utilised for an array of applications! Whether you are thinking of introducing natural stone tiles or glass tiles to your home, here are a couple of pragmatic yet appealing ideas for integrating these materials in your remodelling project. 

Corridor walls

If you are lucky enough to have ample square footage in your home, you will likely have several corridors that stretch quite a distance. While these hallways can be considered a sign of success since you likely have multiple rooms at each side of the corridor, they can be unappealing when left bare. In fact, without the proper illumination and no decorative elements, your corridors will be bland. Fortunately, you can spruce up these parts of your home by installing tiles on the walls! Glass mosaic tiles add visual interest to the walls while simultaneously reflecting light in the corridor. Thus, not only is the hallway more attractive, but it is well illuminated, too. Alternatively, if the corridor is quite narrow, you could opt for large, marble tiles that will create the illusion of space on the walls and the floor.

Accent walls

You may have been under the impression that an accent wall is only suitable in the living room, but this is untrue. In fact, as long as you want to draw the eye to a specific part of a room, then you could have multiple accent walls in your home after your renovation project. Van Gogh or stained mosaic glass tiles are a perfect option for homeowners looking to create a multicoloured accent wall. However, if your home is leaning more toward a minimalist theme, then you may want to consider oversized limestone tiles for an accent all that oozes chic minimalism. It is worth noting that choosing to have the tiles installed from the ceiling to the floor will create the illusion of a high ceiling. Resultantly, the accent wall makes the room appear larger. Furthermore, the accent wall will also function as a statement piece in the room.