One of the best decisions you can make when you see signs of foundation damage on your commercial building is to make plans to fix it right away. To ensure the project is handled professionally, you will need a commercial underpinning contractor to handle the task. But with so many providers in the market, making a choice can be slightly tough, mainly if you are operating on a tight budget.

The chances are that you will be tempted to spend as little as you can on the contractor, and you might not attain your goals. Knowing the main factors to consider while selecting a commercial underpinning contractor helps you make informed choices. Some of these factors are outlined below.

Contractor's qualifications

The first factor to consider when selecting a foundation repair contractor is their knowledge and experience. It takes specific skills to fix commercial foundation damage that has caused problems such as uneven foundations, cracked walls or floors, bowed walls and more.

Therefore, find out if the potential contractor is qualified to do the job before hiring them. Can they perform underpinning techniques like mini-piled, piled, mass concrete, needle beam, and pre-test? Also, have they handled projects like yours before? The information they provide will help you decide if they are the perfect fit for the job or not. If their skills don't match up with the issues you have and they haven't handled commercial underpinning jobs like yours, then you should keep on searching.

Detailed quotation

Before a commercial underpinning contractor provides a quotation for the job, they should offer to do a foundation inspection. Most contractors provide free foundation inspections, so consider asking the contractors you are interviewing if they inspect a building first.

Other things a qualified commercial underpinning contractor will include are measuring the building's dimensions and looking out for other signs of foundation damage other than the ones you had identified. Once the inspection is complete, they will discuss the findings and repair options and provide a cost estimate.


Even if the potential commercial underpinning expert you intend to hire is knowledgeable and experienced, you still need to know what previous customers have to say about their work. This can easily be done by checking online reviews.

Some of the things you should look out for while reading the reviews is if the contractor finished the foundation repair work on the budget, used high-end construction products for the repairs, communicated throughout the project, was dependable, and if the clients would assign another underpinning project to them. If a contractor has pocketed positive reviews, then they can handle your project too.