Having an ensuite master bedroom is not simply about convenience. This adjacent bathroom should function as your spa after a long day at work. But you would be hard-pressed to view this room as a relaxing haven if it does not look nor feel like one. The good news is that transforming this space does not have to be time and cost-intensive.

By identifying the areas that you would want to improve upon and tackling them one by one, you will create a beautiful yet accommodating space that you look forward to using each time you are at home. A great place to start would be with the bathroom accessories since these components tend to wear down faster than larger amenities such as the tub. To help you with some inspiration, here are some bathroom accessories to consider that will modernise your master ensuite.

1. Switch out your showerhead for a rain showerhead

Have you taken a shower in a luxury hotel and the experience felt like you were standing beneath a waterfall? If this sounds familiar, you have experienced a rain shower. Also referred to as rain heads, these accessories are both larger and wider than traditional showerheads. This bigger size not only ensures more volume but better pressure too. But this does not automatically translate into a higher water bill. Instead, you can invest in the aerated variety that creates tiny bubbles in the water.

This aeration creates a sense of high pressure without the rain head utilising high volumes of water. To make the most of this bathroom accessory, request your remodelling contractors to mount it on the ceiling rather than on the wall. Furthermore, pair it with a linear shower drain for a refined appearance.

2. Install one or more skylights

Most people associate skylights with living spaces but they are not limited to living rooms and bedrooms. If your bathroom is constantly plagued by shadows due to limited natural sunlight, you can curb your reliance on artificial lighting by installing a skylight or two. Strategically placed skylights will go a long way in keeping this room immersed in sunlight throughout the day without you have to worry about nosy neighbours peeping into your space.

Moreover, you can also use skylights to reduce humidity in your bathroom. The ventilated variety can be opened to let fresh air in and this can help reduce the threat of mould in this room. Another advantage of skylights that may surprise you is that will make your ensuite bathroom appear larger than it is by creating the illusion of space.

Other bathroom accessories that you can invest in to modernise your master ensuite include backlit mirrors on a dark-hued statement wall to add visual interest to the room, concrete sinks in pastels to add a subtle touch of colour to the room and so on.