A kitchen remodelling project can be overwhelming, as you have so many options when it comes to picking components like cabinets, benchtops and flooring. Here are several ideas to consider when decorating your space.

Organic Elements

Unlike lounge areas that are typically full of soft fabrics, kitchens are full of hard surfaces that don't absorb food and drink spills. While these materials are practical, a kitchen can be left feeling cold and sterile as a result. You can restore warmth and appeal, though, with natural materials such as timber and stone. Wood comes in earthy pink, tan, blonde, red and brown shades and is filled with lines, knots and grain patterns. You can use wood for cabinets.

You can also create a calming vibe with natural stone. Granite counters, for example, cover a kitchen in black, gold, cream and beige mottling. Alternatively, consider marble, travertine or slate for the countertop, backsplash or floor.


Another way to increase a kitchen's appeal is to allow free natural light to stream inside more easily. Does the room have a door opening into the garden? If so, why not replace an opaque surface with a glass panelled door? The ceiling area provides another opportunity to open your house to the outside with a skylight.

If you can't install a traditional skylight, you may be able to connect a sun tunnel instead, which is more versatile. The sun tunnel captures light via a roof dome, which flows through a tube inside the roof cavity. These openings are adaptable as the tunnel can travel long distances within the building and even turn corners so they can be shaped to fit different architectures. Another possibility for bringing more natural light inside may be to enlarge an existing vertical window.

Kitchen Islands

Because a kitchen island only covers a selected area, it allows you to use decorative materials and colours that you might not want to spread around the entire kitchen. For example, you could install a stunning black soapstone counter on the island and use white laminate for the other counters. Or else, install bold blue cabinets on the island and neutral grey or white cupboards around the rest of the space. An island can also make your kitchen homier as you can create a space at one end where friends and family can sit around and chat as you cook or children can do homework as you prepare dinner. Ask kitchen remodelers in your area for more ideas.